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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Friday Eve

As expected, when the alarm went off this morning, Princess wasn't having it.  She was in her usual spot, on the blanket on top of my husband's dresser.  She was curled up, facing the wall, not even about to open her eyes yet.  She's just like me, loves to sleep in.  After about 15 or 20 minutes, she was awake, but not up.
While I was drinking coffee, I was entertained by Holly taunting Tater Tot.  She was on the floor below the recliner and Tater Tot was on top of the recliner.  Tater Tot was swaying his tail back and forth and Holly was watching it.  At one point, she climbed up the back of the chair in an attempt to get his tail.  However, it was a major kitten fail for Holly and she ended up back on the floor just watching that tail sway back and forth. 
Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday again.  We are all looking forward to the weekend as usual, but Princess is especially excited that we will be sleeping in. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Kittens are Great!

Kittens are so cute, so funny, and so entertaining.  They are definitely addictive.  That's why we ended up with so many cats.  They start off as these tiny, cute, furry kittens.  They play a lot and do the silliest things.  It's very easy to get suckered in by them.  And then, just like that, they are full grown.  They aren't as cute.  They don't play as much.  Sure, we still love them, but it's just not the same.  I assume that's why some people just end up giving their cats away or dumping them somewhere.  Of course for us, we do enjoy the kitten stage, but we also know getting a kitten or a cat is a commitment.  They are with us for their whole lives.

Anyway, the point of this is that our little Holly has not been any different than the others.  She is still very young, although she's getting big.  She is still very playful and funny.  She's so cute.  And because of that, I cannot resist taking pictures of her whenever I catch her in a silly pose.
Oh, Holly, what are you doing?  Are you flying over the chair?  Are you stretching?  Who knows?  But it is so cute and funny.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Alex the Jerk

Alex has been a jerk today.  This morning when my husband got up and let him out, he started messing with all of the cats one by one.  Chasing them, attacking them, scaring them.  Now, I am still not convinced that he's not just trying to play.  However, even if that's the case, he is very strong and definitely stronger than Cory, Aggie, or Princess, and they are scared of him.  And Princess is already skittish.  This is why he's not allowed out when he's not supervised.

After my husband got onto him several times, he finally settled down.  By the time I was at the table dinking coffee, he was busy playing with toys.  Of course, it's like starting all over in the evening when we get home.  We let Alex out of his room and he starts going after the other cats again.  Playing?  Anyway, Holly is the only one who isn't somewhat scared of him or threatened by him.  Tater Tot and Waffles aren't scared, but they don't want anything to do with him.  
As for right now, Alex is happily playing with the catnip banana.  Aggie is contentedly lying on the most recent delivery box.
Hunter and Ash are on the cat tree resting.  Cory is in the dining room chair sleeping.  Sebastian is in his spot on the couch.  And the rest of them are either sleeping or hiding somewhere.  I do hope we are making progress with Alex.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Wiggle Worm Holly

The weekend went by fast, as usual.  Before we knew it, it was Sunday night and it was TV time.  I was lucky enough to have Sebastian in my lap at TV time last night.  He usually sits with my husband.   After a little while, Holly came over to be by us.  At first she wouldn't quite settle down.  She can be quite the wiggle worm.  I don't think Sebastian was happy with all of her wiggling.  He took both of his front paws and stretched them out and put them on her as if to say, "stop wiggling".
Finally she got the message and fell asleep in front of Sebastian.  After that, I was lucky enough to have Hunter join us.  He came and curled up in front of Holly.  And just like that, the weekend was over and we (the humans) were back to work today.  This morning, as I left for work, I stopped to tell them all goodbye, calling each one by name, petting the heads of the ones I could easily find.  This is my weekday ritual.  And this evening, just like every weeknight evening, they were waiting by the door for my husband when he got home, and by the time I got home, everyone was fully energized.  

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sleepy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of our furbabies!  It  has been a very lazy Sunday for all the babies today.  While Holly did spend a good amount of time running, chasing the other cats, and playing with toys earlier, she has been taking a very long nap this afternoon.  She is on "her" blanket and has been twisting, turning, and stretching in her sleep for hours.

And the others have been pretty much doing the same thing.  Ash has been asleep on the blanket my husband keeps on top of his dresser.  At one point, he was lying with his back legs hanging off and I was worried he might fall off.
I can easily say that the best part of today was Sebastian coming in the bedroom and sleeping with me for a few hours this morning.  My husband woke up before me as usual and Sebastian wanted in the bedroom, so he let him come in.  At first he kept meowing and I thought I might have to put him out.  But then he came over to the bed, pushed his head on my hand so I would pet him and then after a few minutes he curled up beside me and went to sleep.  I fell back to sleep and when I woke, he was on my legs.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Aggie, Are You Comfortable?

For some reason, Aggie loves to lie on the bag that blood pressure cuff is in.  At night I check my husband's blood pressure with an automatic cuff.  The cuff is stored in a small black bag.  Every night I grab it and put it on the bed along with the book that we write down the blood pressure readings in.  This way I won't forget to check my husband's blood pressure.  Aggie has become very fond of this little black bag.  It is quite funny to see him sleeping on top of it.  I mean, how can he even be comfortable?
Today I caught Tater Tot in a rare moment when he was actually sleeping with Hunter and he wasn't upset that his personal space was being invaded.  We had been out running errands and when we came home, I went into the bedroom and caught them sleeping together.  I was able to get one picture before Hunter started to get up to come over to me.
Currently I have Alex lying next to me on the recliner.  He's really starting to come around and adjust to being an indoor cat.  Happy Caturday everyone!

Friday, March 15, 2019

The Beginning of Another Weekend

It has been a long week and the time change did not make it any better.  However, the light traffic on the roads due to Spring Break did make driving nice this week.  And now we are all looking forward to two days off together.  Princess is definitely glad we aren't getting up early for the next two mornings.

Currently I am in the recliner with my laptop and Aggie is on my lap.  Apparently Holly wanted to be in my lap, too, because she is lying with her behind on my left arm and the front half of her body on top of Aggie's backside.

Sebastian has been wanting to sit with me every morning while I get ready for work.  As soon as I let the babies into the bedroom in the morning, Sebastian and Holly run in and run to the bathroom door waiting for me to open it and go in.  Sebastian is content to just sit or lie on the toilet lid while I do my hair and makeup, but Holly is into everything.  She's in the tub, she's in the sink, she's playing with my makeup.  When she starts getting too crazy, I put her out so she can go play with her siblings.  
And now I'm looking at this picture of Sebastian that my husband took and I'm thinking that he looks like I feel.  Tired.
Have a great weekend everyone!